Rules Of The Site

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Rules Of The Site

Post by The Insane Master on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:18 am


1. No swearing at staff or other members.

2. No spamming the chat and forums with pointless posts and/or smileys.

3. No cyber bulling, racist comments or hate posts!

4. Please try to stay active. If you are going away then please inform us so that we know. And also use an appropriate name.

5. Minimal Text Talking. Please talk in normal English.

6. If you don't want to be a part of this site anymore then please don't delete your account, just tell us and we'll sort it out.

7. Only one character per account, but multiple accounts are allowed.

Role Playing

1. No godmodding.
In other words taking over someone’s character without their permission or killing them. If you wish to kill an Original Character (OC) then you must ask the member's permission first. If you want to kill a canon ask us first please.

2. Try to write more than 2 lines when role playing. More than 2 lines or a paragraph and we will be grateful.

3. All role playing takes place in third person and posts should be written as such. That means you write it using these words, he, she, they, it. Not I or we. If you still have questions on what this means ask us. Also write in past tense.

4. No scenes of sexual content. Forumotion is for all ages, and if anyone disobeys this rule, they can be banned from all Forumotion-hosted sites, and the site may be deleted. You have been warned.

Oh and one more thing, Enjoy yourself or I might eat you. No pressure. jocolor

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