Introduction -- The Eleventh Doctor

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Introduction -- The Eleventh Doctor

Post by The Eleventh Doctor on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:05 pm

Well, I seem to have forgotten to write this. May as well in my spare time, between posting.

Welcome to Chaos Vortex, from myself, The Eleventh Doctor. I created this site, and I have full control over everything. I am currently building the site, so please bear with me.

If you're a new member who has new clue what to do, please just Private Message me (click the MP link underneath my profile on the left of the screen).

A short summary of myself:
-Admin and Creator.
-Doctor Who fanatic.
-Also playing as Anzor, Raven Rose and Matthias. More may come later.
-Signature/Avatar creator, if you want me to.

I may possibly update this later. For now, Auf Wiedersehen, and enjoy the site.

If you need to quickly contact me, then email me with the subject 'Chaos Vortex'. My email:

Am I Beginning To Lose Touch .. ?
The Eleventh Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor

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