Changes To Be Made

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Changes To Be Made

Post by The Eleventh Doctor on Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:22 am

List of January 2011 (Will Try To Finish All By February):

•Add a forum to explain histories under the Welcome Category, with basic data.
•Add a forum for members to work out plots, relationships, etcetera.
•Create more special ranks specific for certain members.
•Work more on the new Wikia, and release for all members.
Have the YouTube account ready to release official CV videos.
•Create the Torchwood Two team.
•Advertise the site better.
•Create a forum in Flashbacks Category for the Time War.
•Have a much more active community.
•Add places on Aggelos Feggari/Gallifrey 2, ready to roleplay on.
•Reach 20 members!

Am I Beginning To Lose Touch .. ?
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