Deeper Magic (if)

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Deeper Magic (if)

Post by Merlin on Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:36 am

"Did you bring it? My sister?"
"Yes, I have."
"The days of Camelot is just about to end in this world."
"Uther Pendragon won't know what's about to hit him."
"Let the ceremony begin, Morgause."

Somewhere in time, several dark, and powerful witches of Camelot have banned together to destroy Camelot and the king, Uther Pendragon. They discover that thier magic as sent themselves from their time to a time very different from thiers. Upon entering, thier magic and Narnia's had revived many villians of thier time, but by bringing everyone into this world they can easily destroy King Uther Pendragon. They plot with thier new alliance Jadis to destroy this world and thier own. Thier alliance builds up a very strong army with villians of Camelot and the evil creatures of Narnia to take Camelot and also Narnia for Jadis.

The three years after the Narnian Revolution from the evil King Miraz, Aslan faces the new enemy that wants to destory his Narnia. In order to do so he calls upon Camelot's finest to come and side with Narnia in order to defent these new enemies of Narnia. With warnings sprending that Aslan is back with some new aid means something bad is happening towards everyone in Narnia. The one thing that these new arrivals are they come from a legendary land with knights and magic.

After Aslan's call for help, everyone in Camelot is thrown into various places throughout Narnia. Few in groups and the others singled out somewhere in the land where magic as become very dangerious even Narnia's. The only thing is the challenge that faces them in Narnia. Only one magic is deeper than the other. Only with the knownledge of skills and bravery, they wander through Narnia dressed oddly or almost Narnian like. These people will have to choose weither to join Narnia's side to protect their King and Narnia, or join the evil clan in the far west.


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