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Post by The Eleventh Doctor on Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:56 am

As a member of Chaos Vortex, please use the following code if you advertise on another site for us:

[center][b]Chaos Vortex[/b]
[color=red][b]Click picture to go to site[/b][/color][/center]

The Chaos Vortex is a Doctor Who Roleplaying Site for all current eleven Doctor Eras, although the Eleventh Doctor is rather edited. It also houses a Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures area.
Suitable for thirteen plus users.
Warning: May contain mild swearing, which should be quickly cleared up if deemed too 'severe'.

[b]A summary:[/b]

What happens when the Master is back, when the Tenth Doctor saves him, and the Eleventh Doctor has him almost as a prisoner? Or when the Time Lords really return, on Gallifrey 2, made by the Gallifreyan Trio? Complete and utter chaos.


What Requirements? We have very few rules at the moment, and only four main ones come into play.
[b]General Rules:[/b]
No abuse of any kind.
No 18+ scenes.
[b]Roleplaying Rules:[/b]
No Godmodding.
Write at least two lines each post.

[b]Referring to Accounts:[/b]

You can have up to 300 accounts per email, one character per account unless you ask The Eleventh Doctor or The Insane Master. Twins played by the same person are one example, and pets are another.

[b]Characters Needed:[/b]
Canon characters that we need? Many, many characters are needed. We mainly would like a Parallel Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith Version), Wilfred Mott, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, and Gwen Cooper, but we accept any canons. May they be enemy aliens of friends of the Doctor. And of course, previous Doctors.
Original, non-canon, characters? We welcome any. New Time Lords and Ladies are needed, and people to help the Doctors or Torchwood, or Sarah Jane. We also need enemies. We also now need members of the Illuminated Imperial Alliance (the IIA), who are a more publicly-known association who deal with aliens, associated with many key canon characters.

[b]Thank you,
Chaos Vortex Admin,
The Eleventh Doctor/Anzor/Raven Rose/Matthias.

If you need help, contact an Admin on the site.[/b]


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